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Adjusting to life as a 30something, I blog about books and reading and living with a gluten free diet. All of this is under construction - please keep checking back!

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

I spent a lovely afternoon giving away copies of Guards! Guards! to people visiting the Brunswick Festival in Hove. It was great to have so many lovely conversations about books and reading. City Reads is essentially a city-wide book group, … Continue reading

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Constantly re-determine!

So, here I am again. A whole 10 months since my last post, which was MEANT to be a re-start. Well, let’s see what happens this time – I’m not going to give up on myself as being ‘a blogger’ … Continue reading

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Re-starting the book blog!

I’m really excited to have started at a new school this term, with new students and new recommendations. I certainly haven’t stopped reading since my last post, although I have found it very difficult to find time to write about … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Well, even though I’m unlikely to finish reading Anna Karenina this year, I’ve managed to fulfill my quota of ‘a classic a year’ by reading this. Every time I pick up a ‘classic’ I’m slightly apprehensive.  ‘Classic’ suggests that many … Continue reading

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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

One good thing with being off work sick, is the chance to catch up with some reading.  Not as much as I’d like (too much sleeping, too easily distracted by facebook) but the chance to finish one book and start … Continue reading

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Animal Farm: A Fairy Story by George Orwell

I just finished reading Animal Farm for the second time. I had a very different experience reading it this time than the first time I read it (last summer) for a number or reasons: Firstly, I was re-reading the book … Continue reading

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A different kind of reading…

I’ve just started back at university to do my teacher training. I’ve been lamenting to myself for a couple of days that I’m not going to have so much time for reading now (Anna Karenina has temporarily been returned to … Continue reading

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