Constantly re-determine!

So, here I am again. A whole 10 months since my last post, which was MEANT to be a re-start. Well, let’s see what happens this time – I’m not going to give up on myself as being ‘a blogger’ and I feel my writing skills are improving. Practice makes perfect!

A lot has happened since my last post and not enough of it reading.

I gave up teaching – that’s quite significant, and a little bit sad, although altogether right for my life. I guess there never was enough time to talk about books. Or just to talk in general to be honest. So I’ve turned over a new leaf.

Reading and writing are now much higher on my agenda. I’m doing some work with local businesses with social media and have a lot more time to sit and read, which is bloody marvellous! I’ve recently read The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro and A Woman’s Life by Guy de Maupassant. Both very serious in their own way, both incredibly well written and I’m not sure if I can say I loved either of them. Individual reviews to follow (famous last words?!)

What I’m really excited about in new ‘post teaching’ mode is being involved with City Reads this year…not least because they have asked me to blog about their event, which has encouraged me to actually log in for the first time in so long!

So now I ‘HAVE’ to blog more. And read some more. This is making me smile.


About Kate

Adjusting to life as a 30something, I blog about books and reading and living with a gluten free diet. All of this is under construction - please keep checking back!
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