Re-starting the book blog!

I’m really excited to have started at a new school this term, with new students and new recommendations.

I certainly haven’t stopped reading since my last post, although I have found it very difficult to find time to write about the books that I have read!

A few things that I’ve read since my last post, that are worth a look are:

  • War Horse by Michael Morpurgo (SO much better than the film! Good if you have an interest in history and or animals. Thank you to Ella for recommending this & insisting that I read EVERYTHING by MM – I’ll get there eventually!)
  • The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins (Recommended by just about everyone I spoke to about books last school year and I loved it! Great for all year groups.)
  • The Declaration by Gemma Malley (A dystopian future – interesting if you’ve read and liked The Hunger Games)

So, on to the next set of recommendations! I wrote down the books, but not the students who suggested them, but you know who you are!

  • The ‘Gone’ Series by Michael Grant (recommended by students in three different classes last week, can’t wait to have a look.)
  • Quantum Chronicles by Anthony Fucilla (just checked this out on-line – looks like a really interesting set of Sci-fi short stories)
  • Empty Quarter by Julia Golding (Part of what looks like a series involving a character called Darcie Lock – can anyone tell me which one comes first?)

I hope to post my reviews here soon. Please feel free to make more suggestions or short reviews of these books by commenting on this post!

Happy reading!


About Kate

Adjusting to life as a 30something, I blog about books and reading and living with a gluten free diet. All of this is under construction - please keep checking back!
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