The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

One good thing with being off work sick, is the chance to catch up with some reading.  Not as much as I’d like (too much sleeping, too easily distracted by facebook) but the chance to finish one book and start another.

I originally (and perhaps ridiculously) discovered Neil Gaiman through Facebook and one of those daft ‘personalitiy tests’ that tell you what kind of author you are most like/should read.  Well, it seems to have hit the nail on the head in my case.  Everything I’ve read by Neil Gaiman so far I’ve throughly enjoyed, and although The Graveyard Book is aimed at children, it was no exception.

This book is essentially a series of short episodes in the life of Bod – a little boy, who through a series of wonderfully magical events, ends up living and growing up in a graveyard, cared for and taught by the ghostly residents.

“Fortinbras Bartleby, ten years old when he had died (of consumption, he had told Bod, who had mistakenly believed for several years that Fortinbras had been eaten by lions or bears, and was extremely disappointed to learn it was merely a disease)…”

The humour throughout is gentle but not so subtle as to go over the heads of younger readers.  The characters are well formed and have little traits and backstories that stop them being two dimentional, as sometimes happens in childrens books.

The book won the Newbery Medal in 2009 (voted for by children’s librarians), so I guess it will be in your local library – go and have a read!!

I would say this is a great book for adults and children to read together.

(Apologies for the rather blurry post…a reflection of the state of my head I think!)


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