A different kind of reading…

I’ve just started back at university to do my teacher training.

I’ve been lamenting to myself for a couple of days that I’m not going to have so much time for reading now (Anna Karenina has temporarily been returned to the Library having been requested by some History students), and then just caught myself on the phone to a friend saying “I’ve just got SO much reading to do!”

It really is amazing how we split our reading in to such seperate categories.  I have spent a lot of today reading – it may be academic reading, but it is reading none the less!  I’ve read about Behaviour Managment and Academic Awards.  Most interestingly, I’m in the middle of reading about inspiring children to write and use ‘writing as a way of thinking’.

Opening the chapter called “Writing: Finding a Voice” – is a quote – attributed to Voltaire: “Find me a pen, I need to think.”  I’m sure I’ve heard this before.  I love it!  It appeals to the philosophy student in me and makes me excited about studying the academic side of teaching English.  The top of page 5 (of 23…I really do have a lot of reading to do this evening) cites some research by Graves:

‘Writing is extolled, worried over, cited as a national priority, but seldom practised. The problem with writing is not poor spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting. The problem with writing is no writing.’ (Graves, 1978).

I suppose that is partly why I started blogging.  How can I stand at the front of an English class and insist my students write, if I don’t do it myself!

So now, I’m writing about reading about writing.  I think I’d better get back to the reading…


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Adjusting to life as a 30something, I blog about books and reading and living with a gluten free diet. All of this is under construction - please keep checking back!
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2 Responses to A different kind of reading…

  1. Ermilia says:

    I was just reading another blog that talked about the split between academic reading and reading for pleasure. If we’re lucky, sometimes they overlap, but I was not very lucky through high school or college. I remember in elementary school being allowed to pick what Iw asnted to read. There were some restrictions to be sure, but I could book from a long list or something. College took that away and I hated the subject matter so much that it turned me off from reading entirely. Lucky for me, books welcome me back like long lost friends and do not scold me for neglecting them. I’m reading as much as i can while also juggling writing my own novel. If only life was as easy as it was in 3rd grade.

    I hope you find a way to make learning fun for your students. It really does make a difference.

    • Reader says:

      I hope so too!

      There are massive issues around the teaching of reading and how to inspire students – I’ll try and write some more after my seminars this week… Would be interested to have a look at the other blog you were reading – could you post a link??

      Thanks for your comment!

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